DrugBank announces partnership with ASHP in continued efforts to improve health outcomes through data accessibility

Key partnership combines both organization's strengths at delivering reliable, trusted data, and improve health outcomes.

DrugBank announces partnership with ASHP in continued efforts to improve health outcomes through data accessibility

EDMONTON, CANADA, October 12—DrugBank today announced their partnership with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). This move will combine both organization’s strengths at delivering reliable, trusted data and open the door for product development collaborations to address industry gaps.

DrugBank will integrate ASHP’s trusted products and data into its already expansive knowledgebase before making it all available through their industry leading API. ASHP customers can expect increased reliability of data delivery and frequency through DrugBank’s secure and user-friendly platform. DrugBank’s customerbase, which includes 13 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and users in more than 24 countries, will also gain access to ASHP’s evidence-based information.

Motivated to connect and structure the world's biomedical data, Mike Wilson, DrugBank CEO, sees this partnership as a vital step, “we’re always looking for ways to improve access to relevant, evidence-based drug information so that our users can quickly and reliably do their best work. Partnering with ASHP not only expands the breadth of information we’re able to provide, but it allows for further connections and discoveries within that data. ”

ASHP has long served as the authority on drug information for pharmacists and medical professionals around the world. This partnership demonstrates their deep commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services through the integration of advanced technologies. ASHP sought DrugBank for this partnership because of their outstanding reputation for data-knowledge excellence and stewardship.

DrugBank’s best-in-class data management technology has earned them respect throughout the industry as shepherds of the world’s largest drug knowledge base, containing information on more than 500,000 drugs and drug products. This partnership will enhance DrugBank’s Clinical API and ASHP’s mapping capabilities and improve the healthcare industry’s normalization efforts. By leveraging their combined customer insights and research they will be able to identify and fill unmet market needs.


DrugBank is the world’s first intelligent and comprehensive drug knowledge platform. Utilizing artificial intelligence, their team of experts gather, author, verify, and structure the latest biomedical information into one knowledge platform. This platform is accessible through DrugBank Online (their free-to-use website), and data and software integrations. DrugBank is honoured to partner with the world’s leading biomedical researchers as they pursue their goal of better medical outcomes. www.drugbank.com

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