DrugBank Draws the Attention of Industry Leading Researchers

The latest Nucleic Acids Research publication highlights the impact that +1.2 million additional data points can have on your research.

DrugBank Draws the Attention of Industry Leading Researchers

Our latest update, DrugBank 6.0, was recently profiled in the January 5, 2024 issue of Nucleic Acids Research. The article highlights the myriad ways in which we have focused on making DrugBank not just a knowledgebase, but a vital partner in your healthcare research. We’re here to equip you with comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly biomedical information. As part of these latest improvements we’ve added more than 1.2 million additional data points. This is in service of modernizing how you engage with medical research and treatment options so that you can shorten the road to medical breakthroughs.

There’s a lot to dig into so we’ve highlighted a few improvements we think are really going to change the game:

300% Increase in Drug-Drug Interaction Data

Navigating the complex world of pharmaceuticals can be daunting. DrugBank 6.0 simplifies this with a significant expansion in our drug-drug interaction data. This 300% increase equips you with essential insights, directly impacting the safety and efficacy of your treatments. Now, you can make informed decisions with confidence, understanding how different medications interact within your unique health context.

Vastly Expanded Clinical Trial Information

Our clinical trial data has grown by 89.5%. As it stands, existing clinical trial information was difficult to navigate and created massive bottlenecks for researchers and patients alike. This advancement will provide you easier access to clean, ready-to-use clinical trial information. With this surge in data, you'll be equipped with information on emerging treatments, enabling you to make informed choices and deliver better patient outcomes.

Growth in FDA-Approved and Investigational Drugs

With a 72% increase in FDA-approved drugs and a 38% growth in investigational drugs in our database, you'll be at the forefront of pharmaceutical developments. These enhancements mean you can stay informed and leverage your understanding of cutting-edge drugs that are shaping the future of healthcare.

200% More Drug-Food Interaction Data

Understanding how food impacts medication is crucial. Our expanded data on drug-food interactions helps you mitigate risks and more effectively develop drugs and treatments that deliver optimal health outcomes.

A User Experience Tailored to Your Needs

It's not just about having access to data; it's about making that data work for you. We’ve made enhancements to our user experience that ensures that the wealth of information at your fingertips is not only accessible but also easy to understand and utilize in your daily work.

For a much deeper dive into the improvements and additions that made DrugBank 6.0 newsworthy, explore the full Nucleic Acids Research article. Within it you’ll find a discussion of our team’s processes, future outlook, and a detailed rundown of the more than 1.2 million new data points and what they mean for your research.

With DrugBank, you're not just accessing data, you're actively participating in a community dedicated to making the world a better place through accessible and reliable biomedical information.