Edmonton Startup DrugBank Pledges to Offset Company Travel Carbon Emissions

Edmonton Startup DrugBank Pledges to Offset Company Travel Carbon Emissions

Co-Founders, Michael Wilson and Craig Knox, along with their team, have pledged to mitigate their travel emissions by purchasing carbon offsets for all business-related travel. With the help of Less Emissions, a Bullfrogpower Company, DrugBank can mitigate travel emissions quickly, effectively, and with the highest quality offsets available in Canada and around the world.

The co-founders announced the new policy to their team in early October, after reflecting on the emissions they contributed to following travel to an international conference. “Not only will we be using this policy in the future, we have also purchased offsets to apply retroactively to our recent travel. We will also be accounting for the impact of high altitude emissions of airplane flights by purchasing additional offsets,” states Wilson.

“We have always been an environmentally and socially conscious company, and we will take the necessary steps to continue that effort despite growing needs for travel in our organization.” says Knox. With the help of the team, Craig and Mike researched carbon emissions companies, and decided on Less Emissions, based on the projects they support, and the standards they have set.

DrugBank knows that offsets are only one way to be responsible citizens for our planet. “We will continue to do most of our meetings by phone or video call, and minimize air and emissions-based travel where possible. We also encourage our team to use public transit, bicycles, or e-scooters to travel to work, if they can,” Wilson states. “We know that we can’t be a no-travel company, especially with having worldwide customers, but we want to ensure we are doing our part to combat climate change.”

To learn more about DrugBank’s decision to implement this new company policy, feel free to reach out.

Shay Barker
Operations Manager

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