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Whether you're building clinical software to enhance decision support, or to empower consumers to take control of their health, you can now provide your users with the most comprehensive and structured drug allergy information in the market.

We’re excited to introduce our new Drug Allergy Module, which gives you detailed drug allergy and cross-sensitivities information. You can help your clinical users avoid severe drug allergies and manage mild symptoms with ease.

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Get detailed drug allergy information

The new module gives you an overview of allergy information for a specific drug, product, or product concept. This includes concise but detailed information about the specific ways a hypersensitivity (or allergic reaction) to a drug will present, as well as the severity of the reaction.

Identify potential drug allergies

Get cross-sensitivity information to learn which drugs or products a patient may be allergic to based on known allergies. We provide a list of all cross-sensitive drugs along with an overview and likelihood of the cross-sensitivities.

Learn about a specific allergic reaction and how to manage it

Gain a better understanding of how the allergic reaction will present itself. Within each condition you can see the level of hypersensitivity as well as descriptions of the condition in both plain language (for non-clinical users) and clinical language (for healthcare professionals). Additionally, you will also be provided with how to potentially manage the allergic reaction.

Understand where the information is sourced from

All information within the Drug Allergy Module is well-referenced and contains citations to the evidence sources such as literature, textbook, link, attachment, or more.

Read our API Changelog (dated February 5, 2021) for more information about the Drug Allergy Module or talk to our sales team to start your integration today!

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