More Powerful Clinical Trials Data Is Here

Discover our new Rare Disease Clinical Trail update and all it's features, including Eligibility Criteria and more

More Powerful Clinical Trials Data Is Here is a vital, go-to resource for information about clinical trials. It contains more than 450,000 studies from over 200 countries. However, extracting insights from this data can be challenging, as much of it is stored as unstructured text. As a result, searching for specific information requires significant effort, processing, and expertise and can be prone to error.

We know firsthand just how time-consuming this process can be, which is why we’re very excited to be expanding our existing clinical trial data. This additional information and detail will help to make our knowledgebase more powerful and connected than ever. This should, in turn, take some of that burden off your shoulders, so you can focus more on doing the research you set out to do and less on finding, and making usable, the right data.

What’s new?

Eligibility Criteria

First, we’re adding eligibility criteria to our existing Clinical Trial dataset. This data includes inclusion and exclusion criteria which include age, sex, and other parameters that are critical in designing protocols, conducting competitive analysis, and mitigating risks of trials failing due to recruitment issues. In drug discovery research, this information provides important context that allows us to differentiate "dead ends" from trials that could succeed if the sponsor chose a different strategy.

Our new eligibility criteria data is available in tabular format via CSV, making it easy to manipulate and integrate into your workflow. We’ve ensured that this data is thoroughly connected to all of our existing data so you can uncover novel insights that come from a deep understanding of the trial drug and the condition being treated. This includes mapping the trial drugs to a rich dataset of known drug parameters, such as pharmacology, known targets, and interactions, as well as mapping the disease being studied to everything we know about that disease, which can include known ontologies, hierarchies, and indications.

Rare Disease Clinical Trial Add-On

Next up, we’ve taken a deep dive into rare diseases. Drug discovery for rare diseases is inherently challenging. Fewer patients means there is overall less data and research available, leaving bigger gaps in our understanding of how these diseases work and how they can be treated. Clinical trials offer one of the best sources of information for us to understand rare diseases and the drug discovery efforts that target these diseases.

Our new Rare Disease Clinical Trial data allows you to leverage:

  • Newly curated and structured orphan designations. These include insights on granted FDA orphan designations and associated exclusivity expiry dates, which can help you prioritize research opportunities and identify ways to better leverage regulatory incentives.
  • Standardized trial termination reasons, which, at a glance, tell you a lot about a trial and lets you quickly identify trials of interest
  • Newly curated study drugs and associated conditions, connected to known concepts (such as hierarchies, synonyms, chemistry, and toxicology, if they are known) that provide context that would be time-consuming to obtain elsewhere.

(source: DrugBank)

For this release, our medical experts spent more than 1,000 hours curating essential information and establishing meaningful connections between concepts resulting in thousands of conditions, standardized trial termination reasons, and connected drugs so that you can leverage this data for insights. And we’re not done yet, our team will continue to curate and maintain this vital information, with more exciting features already underway.

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