NIH Discontinues their Drug Interaction API

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NIH Discontinues their Drug Interaction API

Recently, the NIH announced it is discontinuing its drug-drug interaction API and associated features in RxNav. Up until now, DrugBank’s data has fed directly into the RxNav API—more specifically, the drug interaction API offered by RxNav was powered, in part, by DrugBank’s drug-drug interaction dataset. The interaction data available through RxNav API was a limited version of DrugBank’s complete interaction data that did not include information on interaction severity nor additional details regarding their nature and management.

The full version of DrugBank’s drug-drug interaction data includes a relative severity level for each interaction—mild, moderate, or severe—as well as an extended description of the interaction, management and mitigation strategies, and a list of references.

Outside of drug interactions, DrugBank allows users to access and utilize concepts from other NIH drug information sources—like RxNorm—within the database. RxNorm concepts are similar to DrugBank’s Product Concepts which provides a way to access and organize drug products at a specific level of detail, linked to a unique identifier. This enables filtering and organizing by ingredient name, strength, route, and form, and can be easily integrated within existing clinical software.

In addition to the continued mapping of DrugBank IDs to RxNorm concepts, DrugBank continues to work with the NIH in a variety of ways and remains a trusted source for additional information on DailyMed.

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