We’re in this together: Achieve your goals faster with DrugBank on your side

We go beyond offering world-class drug knowledge by offering a world-class customer experience team.

DrugBank illustrations representing a team of people

The moment you decide which DrugBank license or products best suit your needs isn’t the final step in our relationship, it is just the beginning. And from our perspective, it’s also the most exciting part because we get to dig into your goals and connect you with a whole team of support professionals who can help you get where you need to be.

In addition to our talented medical experts, who work tirelessly to ensure that our drug knowledgebase is the most accurate, up-to-date, and usable on the market, we have a versatile customer team that is singularly focused on making your work with us as easy and effective as possible. Our customer team is made up of Customer Success, Scientific Support, and Account Management.

“When it comes down to it, we want you to get better results, faster so that you can make the most out of your R&D budget.” - Sebastian Paz Vivas, Customer Success

Each team brings a unique approach and skillset to your account, and all work strategically and in tandem to ensure you’re able to use DrugBank to accomplish your goals. Depending on your unique needs, license*, and project goals, you might interact with all of them firsthand, or you might be off and running with just a little help from one team.

At the helm of each team we have a seasoned professional with years of industry experience and know how to help you maximize the value of our knowledge. Let’s jump in and meet the team.

Customer Success

Sebastian Paz Vivas

Manager, Customer Success

We know that our customers are out there solving important and complex healthcare issues, so we put a lot of time and energy into making sure that working with DrugBank can be as straightforward as possible. We want to make it easier for you to do the important work you’ve set out to do. And part of that job is making it easier for our customers to use our data in novel ways to make new discoveries.

How does your team ensure DrugBank users can maximize their value?

Everything Customer Success does is in the name of understanding our customers' challenges so that we can provide timely and strategic advice that bridge any gaps in understanding. In addition to digging deep into their unique challenges, we also explore their goals from a broader, big picture perspective. This helps us see the larger impact that their departments and organizations are making, which helps inform our work. By performing both a micro and macro examination of our customer’s work we are able to provide more tailored support.

We will then identify specific assets, support pathways, and internal experts that can help move you through your work. Our entire team is well-versed in a variety of techniques that can make working with our knowledgebase even more powerful. Customer Success also works alongside many of our other teams, which makes it quick and easy to find answers and help alleviate issues.

How would a DrugBank user interact with Customer Success?

There are many instances when a user would interact with our team. Our relationship often starts with a tailored onboarding program intended to make incorporating DrugBank knowledge into their research or software faster and easier. We also author and regularly update our comprehensive Help Center materials and are able to quickly connect users with the right articles and pieces of information at the right time. Based on our knowledge of your work we will curate the content that best meets your goals.

We also host product demonstrations. These popular sessions showcase DrugBank’s full functionality and walk users through how they would actually work with our knowledgebase. They’re probably one of the most sought after and valuable ways we can support our users because they clearly show just how powerful DrugBank can be.

Additionally, we offer troubleshooting support, and are committed to responding to email communication as soon as possible. We know that there’s a lot on the line for our users, and the work they do has the potential to have a huge impact on the health of the general public so we look for ways to make their interactions with us as easy and empowering as possible.

Scientific Support

Christen Klinger

Scientific Support Lead, Bioinformatics

The Scientific Support team was created to help our users more easily move from ideation and exploration to implementation. The goal is to enable a more meaningful understanding of what’s possible with our knowledgebase so that all our users, regardless of their background, can get the most out of DrugBank. Our team balances an understanding of our code, our data, and recent developments in the pharmaceutical space, then uses that knowledge to help our users achieve their goals. Personally, I find it fascinating to see all the work that’s going on across the field, and humbling to be able to contribute in some way.

How does Scientific Support drive DrugBank user’s success?

Scientific Support is all about marrying the what with the why. We look beyond how to answer questions with our data, to explore why those questions matter within the larger biological or chemical context.

Often, our users come to us with a specific goal in mind, but may not understand the best way to leverage DrugBank in achieving that goal. By having a deeper understanding of the context around their work, in the scientific sense, we are able to guide them to solutions faster. This approach usually begins with some thoughtful conversations surrounding their specific challenges and goals so that we can help identify ways for them to dig into our knowledgebase in a meaningful way.

What types of services does Scientific Support provide?

Our team will work directly with our users to provide technical demonstrations and provide insights based on our in-depth understanding of our knowledgebase, data, and how it can be applied. We also author articles alongside Customer Success, research and write blogs, and host webinars. A main focus for this team is to make translating scientific questions into actionable workflows as straightforward as possible. Essentially, we provide meaningful support and content that enables DrugBank users to dig deeper into our knowledgebase and make new discoveries.

Account Management

Fizah Khan

Manager, Sales - Expansion

Account Management works closely with our users to gain an in-depth understanding of their motivations, goals, and challenges so that we can connect them to exactly what they need inside DrugBank’s knowledgebase, and to our internal teams who can best support their goals. As with my fellow customer team leaders, we’re here to make it easy for our customers to maximize their value and insights from our knowledgebase.

What does Account Management look like for a DrugBank customer?

We make it our mission to deeply understand the motivations and goals of each user or group before digging into how they’re currently using DrugBank, how they want to be able to use it, and any ways we could make their days easier. We’re here to support their overall development, provide dedicated attention, and answer any questions they have.

Account Management also acts as an internal champion for our customers, advocating for their needs, and pushing for advancements through product development and improved customer experience. By closely aligning with our customers, we get to hear about their day-to-day research and business challenges. We also get to hear about their successes and what works well. All of that information helps us understand how we can make DrugBank better for our customers.

What should a DrugBank customer expect from an Account Manager?

If their subscription includes account management, a DrugBank customer will be paired with a dedicated account manager to oversee their account. This person will work closely with them to identify their needs and challenges so that they can provide personalized support and resources. Should a challenge come up, an account manager is the ideal person to triage questions and connect them to the right DrugBank team member who can help them solve their problem.

The DrugBank customer teams work alongside one another, drawing from each other’s expertise to ensure that our customers are set up for success. They’re also closely integrated with the larger DrugBank team, so that at any point they can pass feedback along to our product team, pull in additional experts from our Curation or Knowledge and Insights teams, or lean on our Scientific Support and medical experts for interpretation support. When you work with DrugBank you get an entire team rallying for your success.

“At the end of the day, the work that we, and our customers do, is all in the pursuit of improving patient outcomes, and that’s a great reason to come to work everyday.” - Chris Klinger, Scientific Support

*Level of access to the DrugBank customer teams is dependent on your subscription level, contractual agreement, and unique needs.