DrugBank Winter 2020 Feature Release

DrugBank is excited to share the Winter 2020 Feature Release. Learn about our exciting updates on similar indications lookup, duplicate therapy checker, filtering generics, web token authentication, demo apps repository, and more.

DrugBank Winter 2020 Feature Release

We're excited to share what the DrugBank team has been up to! See below for information on the latest updates.

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Similar Indications Lookup

Identify potential drug substitutions with our new Similar Indications endpoints. By inputting a drug or product concept, search will result in other drugs or product concepts indicated for the same or similar conditions.

Available with 'Advanced Indications & Contraindications' Add-On Module

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Duplicate Therapy Checker

Search patient drug lists for duplicate therapies. Using two or more product concepts, this tool will return product concepts that share similar ingredients, or that are indicated for similar conditions, while searching within a drug list. This will help spot cases where more than one medication may be targeting the same problem.

Available with 'Advanced Indications & Contraindications' Add-On Module

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Filtering Generics

This commonly requested feature will allow generic drug filtering within results and is ideal for clinical software applications. With a single query, identify all generic alternatives or generic versions, for a branded drug product. Or, start with an active ingredient and identify all of the generic drug products containing your specified ingredient.

Available with ‘Drug Search & Descriptions’ Base Module

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Web Token Authentication

You can now use tokens to access DrugBank APIs. Guaranteed to expire within 24 hours, tokens allow short term access without exposing your secret API key. This form of authentication is required for accessing DrugBank APIs from browser-based applications, removing the need for a server-side app to proxy requests from the browser. Meaning faster apps for your end-user!

Available to All Clinical API Users

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DrugBank Demo Apps Repository

Reduce the time it takes to get your application up and running!! We provide you a basic interface and implementation in various languages/frameworks (currently Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and PHP) for some common Clinical API functionalities. This includes Product Concepts, Drug Interactions, and Indications Search, and is designed to give you a jumpstart in implementing your own application. Combined with the comprehensive DrugBank API Reference, you’ll be able to get code up and running in a matter of hours.

Available on GitHub

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Additional Improvements

We’ve made a number of improvements to the functionality of various tools and endpoints.

Read our API Changelog to learn more and keep up to date with changes as they happen. You’ll also find our development schedule with guidelines on updates to our connected databases.

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