DrugBank is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ontotext. Ontotext brings together knowledge, data, and analytics; transforming how organizations identify meaning across diverse databases and massive amounts of unstructured data. This partnership will provide a new and essential research tool for use in drug discovery and drug repurposing.

The DrugBank database will be provided in RDF format, curated and governed by the DrugBank research team and maintained by Ontotext. By using RDF, the breadth and depth of the DrugBank database will be easily accessible through the Ontotext GraphDB platform. This platform is fast, secure, and handles complex real-time queries, allowing users to derive new facts and relationships, and distil fresh insights from existing data.

The combination of Ontotext’s scalable semantic graph technology and DrugBank’s high quality database will make drug information discovery easier and faster in the life sciences domain.

About Drugbank

DrugBank provides rich, high quality, primary-sourced, structured drug information that covers drugs from the discovery stage all the way through to approval. It includes comprehensive molecular information about drugs, their mechanisms, their interactions and their targets as well as detailed regulatory information including indications, marketing status and clinical trials. DrugBank is curated and updated daily by a team of physicians, pharmacologists, pharmacists, and bioinformaticians.

Since its establishment in 2006, DrugBank has one of the world's most widely used reference drug resources. It is routinely used by the general public, educators, pharmacists, pharmacologists, medicinal chemists, pharmaceutical researchers, the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies.

About Ontotext

For over two decades Ontotext has brought together knowledge, data and analytics transforming how organizations identify meaning across diverse databases and massive amounts of unstructured data.

Ontotext makes tailor-made solutions across multiple sectors: media and publishing, life sciences, government and cultural heritage, financial services and more. Their client list includes news and media agencies like the BBC and Financial Times, top Academic publishers like Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley, leading pharmacological companies such as AstraZeneca, public institutions including the UK Parliament, Kadastr.NL and US Department of Defense, and cultural institutions like the British Museum, The National Gallery of USA and Getty Trust.

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